Cavendish C of E VC Primary School
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Sat 1st DecemberPTFA Advent Fair 
Sun 2nd December 
Mon 3rd DecemberFinal week of Clubs and Tuition 
Tue 4th DecemberFinal Forest School Yr 6 
Wed 5th DecemberKs 1 Christmas Nativity production for parents 
Thu 6th DecemberKs 1 Christmas Nativity production for parents 
Fri 7th December 
Sat 8th December 
Sun 9th December 
Mon 10th DecemberHuman Rights Day 
Tue 11th December 
Wed 12th December 
Thu 13th DecemberChildrens' Chrostmas Lunch (tbc) 
Fri 14th December 
Sat 15th December 
Sun 16th December 
Mon 17th DecemberDevonshire House Carol Singing Ks1 
Tue 18th DecemberChildrens' Christmas Parties 
Wed 19th DecemberLast Day of Term, Merry Christmas ;) Nine Lessons and Carols, Church Service 1:15pm 
Thu 20th DecemberHappy Christmas 
Fri 21st December 
Sat 22nd December 
Sun 23rd December 
Mon 24th December 
Tue 25th December 
Wed 26th December 
Thu 27th December 
Fri 28th December 
Sat 29th December 
Sun 30th December 
Mon 31st December 
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