Jupiter Class Year 1/2

Welcome to Jupiter Class. Our class teacher is Mrs Clarke and Mrs Stone supports us in our learning.
In Jupiter class we explore exciting topics each term including The Great Fire of London, Frozen Landscapes and Carers and Sharers. Using a cross curricular approach to our learning helps us to become fully immersed with our topics. We share an outdoor area with Mars Class, with access to water, sand and role play, we also attend Forest Schools, once we join year 1, and have a half term as individual year groups in our Forest School area.
Our topic for the Summer term is Childhood in the 1960s. We are time travelling back to the swinging sixties to find out what being a child was really like back then. We will be learning about different aspects of daily life, including school, fashion, transport and technology.  During our lessons we will compare how these aspects have changed in our modern world. We will also be exploring some major events such as the first man on the moon and the football World Cup. Our 1960s theme day at school is sure to be a super success and a great experience of this era. 
To get in the groove our class will be learning a dance from the 1960s and performing it at our summer dance festival. In our music lessons, we will also listen to the iconic music of the Beatles, and use their lyrics as inspiration to write our very own piece of music. 
A stripey friend will be coming for tea with us, all the way from Judith Kerr's 1960s classic. We will be writing our own story about an unexpected guest, inspired by this fantastic feline. Our phonics and reading is more important than ever as we start to prepare for our challenge work and transition to a new year. We will be doing daily practise in both these areas. 
For more information about what we will be busy learning this term, please read our class newsletter.
Have a look at our long-term plans to see all of our exciting topics and learning opportunities. 
Have a look at the photos below to see what we have been doing so far in Jupiter Class.
Handy to Know:
Homework - set Wednesday returned on Monday via Google Classroom
Reading Books - changed Mondays
Spellings - Test on Friday
PE - Thursday & Friday  (please come to school in full PE kit)