Jupiter Class Year 1/2

Welcome to Jupiter Class. Our class teacher is Mrs Clarke and Mrs Stone supports us in our learning.
In Jupiter class we explore exciting topics each term including The Great Fire of London, Frozen Landscapes and Carers and Sharers. Using a cross curricular approach to our learning helps us to become fully immersed with our topics. We share an outdoor area with Mars Class, with access to water, sand and role play, we also attend Forest Schools, once we join year 1, and have a half term as individual year groups in our Forest School area.
Our topic for this term is Deserts & Savannah Plains, exploring continents and countries, looking at habitats and how different animals are suited to their environment.
In science we are looking at animals (including humans) their habitats, food groups and changes as they grow.
In English we will be exploring stories from other cultures, writing poems and instructional texts. Floppy Phonics will continue daily, looking at our phonemes and graphemes. At home please take reading time as an opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the text and for spellings encourage your child to use the look, say, cover, write & check method.
In Maths we will cover place value, addition, subtraction, money and shape. Year 1 will focus on number bonds to 20 and year 2 will extend their knowledge of numbers to 100.
Please take a look at our Newsletter below for further details on this term learning and activities.
Have a look at our long-term plans to see all of our exciting topics and learning opportunities. 
Have a look at the photos below to see what we have been doing so far in Jupiter Class this term.
We are very much looking forward to this year in Jupiter and all the exciting things to come.
Handy to Know:
Homework - set Monday due in the following Monday
Reading Books - changed Mondays
Spellings - new list issued Mondays
PE - Thursday & Friday afternoons (please come to school in full PE kit)