Remote Learning from Home

Welcome to our Home Learning Page.
Now that Government restrictions have been lifted and children are back in school fulltime, learning will take place in class, although Google Classroom will continue to be used for children's homework and in times of absences that are not illness related.
Here you will find our Frequently Asked Questions and links to websites/resources to help you with your remote learning.
For our Remote Learning we are using Google Classroom, each child has been allocated their own password to access their learning from home.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are struggling with any aspect of Home Learning. We have tried to answer as many questions as possible in our FAQ's. Remember you can leave a message for your teacher via Google Classroom or through the front office or e-mail.
Please find a list of Websites that we use in school and/or that can provide you with extra resources/information.
Frequently Asked Questions
Please find a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions; Check here to see if we can answer your query. If not please contact your child's teacher via Google Classroom in the first instance, or alternatively contact the office via telephone or e-mail.
What if I have forgotten my Logins?
For Google Classroom contact the school office, for RM-Maths, My Maths and Espresso logins you can message your child's teacher via their Google Classroom page.
Where can I record my learning?
Ideally, if appropriate, via Google Classroom on your worksheet, alternatively record your work in your Home Learning book that you collected from school. Photos can be taken of your work and then attached and uploaded to Google Classroom.
How long should I spend on each task?
Obviously this will depend on the subject and task assigned. As a general guide we would suggest approximately 30 mins for KS1 or break into smaller chunks if easier. 40-45 minutes for KS2, a larger task may take longer, i.e. Topic.
Do I have to catch up on work if I'm poorly?
No. We do not expect you to complete work if you are unwell. Do let the school office know if your are unwell, we will need to record this, as we normally would if you were in school. As soon as you are feeling better you should re-join the learning from that point.
What resources can I use to support me with my maths?
There are a number of household resources that may come in handy to support your maths work, for example you could use, pasta, Lego bricks, counters of any description, dice, pegs, plastic animals/toys etc. Your class teacher should always be your first port of call, message via Google Classroom, if you need clarification on a task. 
Do I have to print off the worksheets?
If it makes it easier and you have the equipment and are happy to do so, yes. Ideally where possible work online and upload your work via Google Classroom. For any other work record your learning in your Home Learning book and take a photo, if you are doing your learning via a laptop or mobile device you can then take a screenshot, these can then be uploaded via Google Classroom.
Should I send my Home Learning into school?
No. Ideally all home learning should be uploaded via Google Classroom. Unfortunately work sent into school will need to be quarantined for 72 hours to minimise transmission contact.
How do I take a photo of my work to be uploaded?
Use a mobile device, i.e. mobile phone or I-pad/android device, save this to your photos and it can then be uploaded as an attachment, alternatively if you are working online you can take a screenshot or save the document to your files and then upload as an attachment.
What happens if I cant get my work done in time?
Please try to complete your work on the day it is due, try as hard as you can to get it done on time. Let your teacher know as soon as you can if you know a piece of work is going to be late. Try your best.
Please do watch the videos that are attached to the tasks assigned by your teacher. They are there to support you with your learning.   
Useful Websites
Please find a selection of Useful Websites that may help support and/or extend your Remote Learning. Just hover over the link and it will take you directly to the website.