Whole Child

At Cavendish Church of England Primary School we are fully committed to developing the Whole Child. This means that in addition to ensuring academic and sporting progress, we support the development of a child's responses to the world around them and their interaction with others. A wide range of events and experiences deepens each child's awareness of variety in the world, enables children to strengthen their values and appreciate the viewpoint of others and so become responsible future citizens.
Pupils Voice 
Here at Cavendish our children are encouraged to contribute and get involved in the running and improvement of our school. To do this we have a number of 'School Councils' children participate in a democratic process from standing for election to Voting and results. 
Each Class has a representative from each year group in each of the councils. If a child wishes to stand for election they must convince their peers in their class why they would be a good candidate. Voting then takes places for each candidate and the majority holder gains the position of Council representative.
The children are also part of House Teams, they are placed in a House, Sharks, Dolphins, Huskies & Polar Bears, upon entry to school, siblings will generally be in the same House. Throughout the school year the Houses compete against each other for the Team cup, the House with the majority team points wins the cup! Each House will have a House Captain, these are the eldest children in each House.
The children earn team points throughout their school day. These can be in a variety of ways and are not exclusive to lessons only. Any adult can award team points for any number of reasons. House Captains also get to nominate someone from their House for a Special Mention in our Celebration Assemblies at the end of each week.
Arts Council Ella, Sophia, Sienna, Spencer, Barnaby, Eric & Ava
Eco Council Charlotte, Myla, Rufus, Maggie, Isabelle, Eli & Myles
Faith Council Amelia, Beau, Maddison, Leo, Izzy, Elkie, & Willa
School Council Harley, Dan, Tom, Elsie, Emily, Anna & George
Sport & Wellbeing Council Keith, Joe, Emma, Tom, James, Billy & James
House Captains - Oliver, Daniel, Millie & Ellie