Advent Window

1st December 2022
Advent Window Trail 2022
We are taking part in the Cavendish Advent Window Trail. Our window, for the 2nd December, will join 23 other windows in the village. Each window will be decorated accordingly. Our theme is the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' and was created by the children on the Arts Council. They used layers of coloured tissue paper and black silhouettes to show the numbers and to recreate the song in a window visual.
Each day a new window design will be illuminated throughout the village. On the 24th December all of the windows will be on display at the same time. 
There is a trail map, which you can follow to see all of the numbered designs.
This is a lovely annual event bringing the community of Cavendish together for the festive season. We look forward to seeing all the different designs on display.
Have a Merry Christmas!