Dance Workshop

17th May 2022
Dance Workshop Update
Don Rae Art & Movement Academy (Drama) joined us on Tuesday (17th) morning for our dance workshop.  'Josh' taught each class a dance, here are some comments from the children;
"On Tuesday we practised with Josh, he was good at dancing....We danced to lots of popular songs and the dance moves were really cool! We learnt body ripples and the leg criss cross, it was great fun to learn."
"The whole school were taught dances by Josh, he was really good at dancing, it was an amazing time."
"We learnt dance moves with a professional dancer, no spoilers for the dance festival but a clue is in the music.....respectable, thriller, never gonna give you up!!"
A big thank-you to Don Rae and Josh, I think its safe to say the children had a great time and learnt some new moves!
Dance workshop 17th May 2022
We are pleased to be hosting a dance workshop on the morning of 17th May for all pupils.
An exciting morning is planned and we are looking forward to learning some 'moves'.
Can we please ask that all children come to school in their PE kit and trainers, thank you.