Doorstep Theatre festival

23rd June 2022
Doorstep Theatre Festival
On 23rd & 24th of June KS1, Mars and Jupiter, took part in the Doorstep Festival organised by the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds. The performance featured 'Alfonso' and his preparation for a party, it was staged with an amazing set full of vibrant colours, told through a selection of mime, music and dance. The children were delighted when Alfonso invited them to join in the party, dancing with balloons and glitter! 
The day 'after' the party the classes were joined by a drama rep from the Theatre Royal and they took part in a follow up workshop, dramatising party scenes and exploring Alfonso's feelings from his performance.
Quote from Henry in Mars Class - 'We had a theatre company come to visit, they had balloons and music, it was about a birthday party and was funny and I really enjoyed it.'