Egyptian Workshop

21st June 2023
Egyptian Workshop 
Saturn class were treated to an all day workshop on Wednesday, all about Ancient Egypt, to support their class topic work. The action-packed day was a huge hit with the children, bringing their topic to life...almost literally! let's get the low down from somebody who was there..
"I learned so much - it was a really fun day. Some of the best and most extraordinary bits were seeing pictures of what Tutankhamun might have looked like, and also seeing canopic jars. We also got to see a real arrow head made of stone. We learned how the Ancient Egyptians measured things; they used cubits, which is the length from your wrist to your elbow, palm and fingers. We took turns to measure each other - I am three cubits, two palms and one finger! Another really interesting thing was learning about the animals they hunted and the way they used their spears. We did a really fun game with cardboard animals and foam javelins to see which team could 'hunt' the most animals; there was different amounts of points for each animal. Thank you for a really extraordinary and fun day." As reported by Charlie.
I think we may all have just learnt something new there Charlie, fab reporting, sounds like a great time was had by all. 
A big thanks to the everyone, including 'Mr Egypt' for making the day a resounded success.