Mars Trip to Gainsborough House

9th June 2023
Mars Class Trip to Gainsborough House
Mars Class had a fabulous trip to the newly restored house and gallery, of Thomas Gainsborough in the new national gallery, which celebrates two of Britain's greatest artists, Gainsborough and Constable. 
The tour took them through the music room, The Blue Boy costume from the famous painting, of the same name, followed by a snack in the gardens by the Mulberry bush, the three metre, newly installed, panoramic window on the top floor of the new gallery building, which overlooks the glorious landscape that Gainsborough would have painted, activities to inspect the finer details of the paintings and time spent in the portrait gallery making sketchbooks similar to those used by Gainsborough himself, to record his ideas. Whilst also exploring new fabrics for silk bookmarks and dressing in period clothing and props for their own live portraits. 
Sounds like a pretty exciting day to me!