Messy Messiah Art Project

10th November 2023
Messy Messiah Updates
The Arts Council met to share and collaborate ideas. The Art Club used mixed media to collage and make the large dove. They also folded music paper to create the wings and feathers with techniques that gave dimension and effect. In classrooms each child cut out a music note, which has been assed to the banner. Our final design shows hues of gold, a dove in flight and a crown made from natural materials.
The completed banner has been on display in the school to give all the children, staff and visitors a chance to see the finished Artwork before it is taken off to St Edmundsbury Cathedral.
Please visit their website at St Edmundsbury Cathedral for more details on where and when you can see the displays.
Messy Messiah 
Our next Big Art project is going to be exhibited at Bury St Edmunds Cathedral. We have been invited to contribute to a shared schools display celebrating Handel's Messiah which will be performed at the cathedral. To help us in our inspiration we had a special assembly visit from "Mr Handel" himself. Children were able to hear how the piece came to be composed, how it links to Bible text and how it was first performed in England. 
On Friday we are going over to our local church to hear a singer and an organist perform part of the Messiah. The words we have been given to create our visual arts are "rejoice greatly".
The arts council have had their first planning meeting to day to discuss their ideas.