Saturn Class Play - Peace Child

21st March 2023
The Peace Child - Saturn Class Production
On Tuesday 21st March 2023, Saturn class performed their production of The Peace Child, after weeks of rehearsals, learning lines and songs, the day finally arrived.
With confidence and pride they performed to the whole school and then to their parents. 
The whole school thoroughly enjoyed watching the production and Neptune Class took the time to write their own reviews of the play.
Parents also proudly shared their thoughts, see below.
"Superb production, very impressed, great work everyone."
"Absolutely loved it. Can clearly see all the hard work put in by the children and staff. Couldn't stop smiling all the way through."
"Very well done, they all sang so beautifully."
Neptune Class reviews:
"Saturn class play turned out great. There was action, drama and a lot of songs. The music made me feel like I was in the jungle." - Max
"I liked the play because it was funny and full of surprises." - Sienna
"My favourite bit was when the bears took the mic and started singing." - Maddison
Well done Saturn you did yourselves, teachers and parents proud!