Science Day

15th March 2023
Science Day March 15th 2023
This week was British Science week. On Wednesday 15th March, in their House Groups, the children began with a creative discussion, on this years theme, 'Smashing Stereotypes', of what a scientist looks like! Learning and focusing on a range of industry experts and influential figures across science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Their challenge, should they choose to accept it, was to build a bridge across a span, testing its strength and design with cubes and weights. "It was so cool!" - James from Jupiter Class
Later in the day, the children were 'Making Connections' from a variety of images and sketching their ideas, such as showing how the internet works to connect us around the world and how the power of nature can help us to generate electricity, through kinetic movement of wind turbines. Linking ice, water and steam, and the Sun, the Moon and Planets to explain each scientific part.
We've had lots of  positive feedback about this event, the children, and adults had a thoroughly exciting day.
From Reverend Mark
"As a foundation Governor at Cavendish School, I go into the school regularly. Today as part of British Science Week the whole school was buzzing with excitement and the children couldn't wait to tell me about all the different scientists they had learnt about and about their own experiments in building bridges. Thank-you to all the staff who have created a wonderfully positive atmosphere to learning, expanding horizons and encouraging aspirations."
Parent Feedback
"I just wanted to write and thank all the teachers for the children's amazing science day yesterday... hugely appreciated by them, they didn't stop talking about how fun the whole day was for them and learning lots at the same time. Working in teams in their houses was a brilliant idea and loved by many that I heard from."