Staff Changes

9th July 2021
Farewell and Best Wishes 
We have a few changes of staff at the end of this term.
Firstly we say goodbye to Ms Fenn, Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Williams.
Ms Fenn has been with us a number of years and will be sorely missed, she is the first point of contact, the friendly face behind the window, the calm voice over the telephone and the cogs to our wheel. Every family has benefitted  from her expertise over the years as indeed has our school. We are very grateful for all that she does and wish her the very best in the future. 
Mrs Gibbs has spent the last ten years with us in numerous roles, first and foremost she supports Neptune Class, but has been deployed across all of our classes at some time or other, supporting teachers and children in many guises, PE, Maths, focus groups, residentials and her personal favourite Shakespeare! Although she will no longer be in school, she will continue to support the school as website lead.
Mrs Williams is our Yr5/6 teacher and although she has only been with us a short time, has had a huge impact on Neptune Class, including the great success with our RSC programme and the hours of support for our Macbeth performances. She leaves us to pursue her career at another placement. We wish her all the best for the future.
Welcome and best of luck
We warmly welcome Miss Santinelli this September, she will take over from Mrs Clarke in Saturn Class, who will be moving to Jupiter. Miss Santinelli specialises in Music and will be a great addition to our creative curriculum.
Mrs Stone has also joined us, supporting small focus groups this last few weeks as well as joining our midday team, she will support Mrs Clarke in Jupiter class from September. We wish her all the best in her new role.
Mrs Bianchi, along with Mrs Stone has been supporting focus groups and is also part of our midday team, she will join Saturn Class and support Miss Santinelli from September, again we wish her all the best.
Finally Mrs Jackson will become our new face behind the window and voice over the telephone and joins Miss Gentle, our office Bursar, as Office Manager.
September Changes
Neptune Class - Mrs Halpin supported by Mrs Ward
Saturn Class -  Miss Santinelli supported by Mrs Bianchi
Jupiter Class - Mrs Clarke supported by Mrs Stone
Mars Class - Mrs Lewis supported by Mrs Byford
We would like to wish all of our staff best wishes, good luck for the future and a much needed relaxing rest over the summer.