Audley End Visit Neptune Class

15th November 2022
Neptune Class Visit to Audley End House 2022
On Tuesday 15th November the children, and staff from Neptune Class travelled to Audley End House as part of their Victorian topic, dressed in Victorian Clothes. 
Despite a damp and soggy day everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable visit, taking turns to be a 'servant' and exploring the working parts of the house, the laundry area, dairy room, kitchens and pastry rooms as well as the education centre and taking part in traditional activities of the era.
A big thank you for to all the staff and the effort that goes in to preparing these trips in the background, those that support on the day and of course support from home with costumes.
Quotes from the children:
"I've never seen a house so big! One of my favourite rooms was the kitchen, It was so fascinating. I liked it because there were so many pots and pans, the oven had so many parts to it. I enjoyed learning about the food and how well the servants ate. We had so much fun dressing up" - Beau
"I learnt that Mr Lincoln was the Butler of the house and a very important person. I also learnt that they cleaned the rugs by beating them with a beater so the dust comes off. My favourite bit of this amazing trip was when we had to polish the plates and the shoes and act like a Victorian servant, it was so much fun" - Oliver
" favourite part in the house was learning about the bells because it was quite cool how you could just ring a bell and get what you want!" - Emma