Mini Beasts & Rainforest Workshop

17th April 2024
Mini Beast & Rainforest Workshop
On Wednesday, 17th April, Saturn class enjoyed a Rainforest Day, as part of their Summer Term Topic. They started out by making rainforest pictures, in the style of John Dyer - their creations are now proudly on display in the classroom. Next up they tasted tropical rainforest fruits, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, and banana. (Yummy!) The mango was particularly popular, but not so the seeds of the passion fruit!
Finally to top it all off, Ed, from Mini-Monsters, came in and introduced us to five rainforest animals; Gerald the Giant Tortoise, Trinny the rose Tarantula< Mildred the Millipede, Ghostie the Corn Snake and Winston the Bearded Dragon. Saturn learned how these animals have adapted to survive and what their favourite foods are (apparently most of them love cucumber!). Everyone learnt a huge amount from the day and had an incredible, immersive experience to kick-start their new topic.