New School Library Books

7th October 2022
New Library Books - Emma & Dan Neptune Class
This week (30th September 2022) year 5 & 6 members of the Art Council helped stamp our new books, we have been stamping and sticking bar-codes on them. We have been doing this every lunchtime and had to choose some extra helpers. We give thanks to the PTFA for getting all the new books for our library, we know they cost over £1000!
These are really cool books, there is loads of good subjects and graphic reads - I really want to read 'Hilda and the Ghost Ship' - Dan
PTFA Donation to the School Library
A BIG thank you to our PTFA for funding and ordering the substantial amount of new books for our school library. Members of our Arts Council will be stamping the books ready for the library shelves next week. 
The PTFA organises fundraising events to help support the school in different areas throughout the year. We are very fortunate to have such a supportive team of parents and family members to provide these extras for the school.
Please take a look at the PTFA page on our website for further information.