Parent/Teacher Consultations

10th March 2023
Parent/Teacher Consultations March 2023
Please take a look at the dates, below, for the annual Parent/Teacher consultations. Sign-Up sheets will be available in the front foyer from Tuesday 14th March 2023. Telephone appointments are also available if this is more convenient. If you would prefer a telephone appointment please pop a 'T' next to your name.
At the moment the dates for Neptune Class are yet to be confirmed, due to Ms. Wass being unavailable for health reasons, we anticipate this to be before the end of this half term. Thank-you for your understanding in this and we wish Ms. Wass a speedy recovery. 
Mars Class     -  21st March 3-6pm
Saturn Class  - 22nd March 1-6pm
Jupiter Class  - 23rd March 1-6pm