SIAMS Inspection

16th November 2023
"We were very pleased to be able to show our school to the SIAMS Inspection Team yesterday. We look forward to sharing the report with you once we have received it. I would like to thank all the children that spoke to the inspectors, they are a credit to the school and to their families."
Ms Cheryl Wass 
SIAMS - Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools 
As a Church of England Primary School we are subject to the SIAMS framework and inspection process. On Thursday 16th November we will welcome SIAMS Inspectors into the school, you will have received a letter via parent-mail with further information.
The inspection is to highlight the Christian Vision within the whole school community and help us to identify any areas of development as a church school.
Please take a look at The Church of England website for further information about the SIAMS inspection process.