Twelfth Night Performance

5th July 2023
Twelfth Night Performance by Neptune Class at The Mercury Theatre Colchester
This week, Wednesday 5th July 2023, Neptune Class put on a truly amazing performance, at The Mercury Theatre Colchester, as part of their performance, alongside other schools, in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. With a full day of workshops and activities, organised by the RSC, Royal Shakespeare Company, the children were treated to a voice workshop,  acting class and a technical run through of their part of the play, as well as backstage access and getting to grips with the internal workings of the theatre. The children were a credit to the school, as always, showing enthusiasm and engagement at every stage of the day, which culminated with the live performance, to a full theatre, in the evening. Working together with four other schools and professionals from the RSC, the performance was a huge hit, with the children proving to be true stars of the stage. Their acting and voice skills were vibrant, polished and perfected! Well done Neptune Class, it sounds absolutely amazing. There was some lovely feedback from our parents - thank you for all the super comments - the children truly deserved them. 
"To the cast, crew, staff and everyone involved with Twelfth Night, CONGRATULATIONS! You absolutely stole the show. As an ensemble, you were wonderful to watch and everyone was astonishing. Your energy, passion and clarity you brought the words to life and it was truly fantastic to be in the audience. You honoured yourselves, your school, the RSC and William Shakespeare himself, you should all be immensely proud of yourselves!"
Wow, huge praise indeed. Huge thanks to everyone involved to make the day the big success that it was. Here's to next year.