Artsmark Assessor on rewarding Gold Status to Cavendish School: June 2023
"The school took part in 'The Weavers Project' celebrating local arts, which has supported pupils to become more aware of not only local History but also career opportunities in the Arts and creative industries.....Connections are made across the curriculum to support other areas of learning, for instance when studying the Rise of Victorian Democracy in History, children study William Morris as part of the Arts & Crafts movement..."
Audley End House Visit Neptune Class 2022
"Thank-you for having us at Audley End, it was really fun and I enjoyed all of it. The activities were super fun as we got to work as actual servants, I learnt a lot on Tuesday and some really weird things, like people went to the toilet in bowls and maids had to clean it!..." - Emma
One Page Subject Overviews
Please take a look at our One Page Overviews, below, these documents cover each subject for KS1 & KS2, giving a one page overview per half term, over our rolling two year curriculum, of; Key Knowledge, Skills Development, Outcomes & Assessment, Vocabulary, Enrichment and How to Help at Home, all linked to our Vision Statement: Challenge, Creativity and Compassion.
One Page Subject Overviews KS1