RE Religious Education

RE Curriculum Review 2023
We are currently in the process of reviewing and updating our RE documents to move inline with the new RE Curriculum.
Some documents have been updated and others are in the process of being reviewed and updated.
Humanist Visit
As part of their RE unit on humanism, children in Neptune Class were visited by a member of the humanist society. Children had prepared a range of challenging questions which showed their reflective thinking and ability to consider the wider implications of where morals and ethics come from, if not informed by a religious or faith based framework.
Quotes from a few of the children: 
"I found it very interesting getting proper answers from an actual humanist, not just random facts from the internet" - Milly
"Humanists believe in science. Humanism is a little like Buddhism because the Buddha isn't a god, but a guide to all Buddhists" - Cara
One Page Subject Overviews
Please take a look at our One Page Overviews, below, these documents cover each subject for KS1 & KS2, giving a one page overview, per half term, over our two year rolling curriculum, of; Key Knowledge, Skills Development, Outcomes & Assessment, Vocabulary, Enrichment and How to Help at Home, all linked to our Vision Statement: Challenge, Creativity and Compassion.